All the Nitty Gritty Details...



If you’re serious about your marketing power, go for the ultimate experience and feel the clout of a Premium listing.


  • Complete control over content; get your message across in your own words.
  • Unlimited linkbacks to your stockists or to the products you sell.
  • Unlimited category listings for products.
  • Change your graphics as you change your promotions.
  • Free front page advertisements; high impact ads for your new product launch.
  • Direct links from MCNetwork to your own website and email: customers will be delivered instantly to your home page.

The Premium Naked rate still delivers all the raw power of Premium, minus the linkbacks.

Tours, training, insurance, online and mobile services… don’t need ‘em, so don’t pay for ‘em.


Like bikes or anything else in life, you get what you pay for, so if you’re happy ambling about on a 125cc,

try a No Bling entry.


More than one shop… multiple products…

save up to 50% on additional listings

with our Pack rate

Premium Shop
Premium Product
Premium Naked
No Bling
Map marker
Map Rollover
Product Listing  
Unlimited categories
Popup page
Contact information
Website link
Front page promo
Individual map
Google Streetview
Android and iPhone App



Read on for a detailed description of these features





All mappable shops have a diiferent colour marker to indicate what type of service they offer.

When a customer holds their mouse over your map marker - a "rollover" automatically appears.

This rollover contains your name, address and phone number with a brief description of what you do or what you sell.

If your customer wants to know more they will click on your map pointer and be taken to your popup page.





We have done our best to make a logical listing of categories to accommodate all the different products out there. Hopefully this has made it easier for the customer to find what they need quickly and easily and at the same time, allow the manufacturer to market their brand in all relevant areas.

You may be listed in several categories remembering that it is your brand that is on sale - not individual products.

If your customer wants to know more they will click on your graphic and be taken to your popup page.







YOUR POPUP PAGE. . . Your advertisement - in your own words :

You have complete control over what appears on your page - your text, your graphics.

You tell the customer what you want them to know and show them what you want them to see.


There are two text areas displaying your address, contact details, email and website links and ample space for a good description and four graphics areas for your logo and the best of your products or shop.

Graphics can be changed at any time so you can always keep your page up-to-date and fresh.




MAP ME... PRINT ME . . .

Your customers can now print out your personalised map and if your street has been surveyed, your GOOGLE STREETVIEW will also be visible.








MCNetwork is a unique website with a built-in relationship between mappable shops and the products they sell.
This answers the customer's question

"Does Joe Bloggs shop sell Hondas or BMWs?"

"Where in Melbourne can I get Motodry gloves?"


This relationship between shop and brand is called LINKBACKS.
It is one of the most powerful features on MCNetwork.



Every Premium page will contain a complete set of LINKBACKS which can be updated at any time.
For example: a shop may sell 50 brands of motorcycles, helmets, protective clothing, exhausts, suspension etc
The customer will be able to see at a glance which brands are stocked by which shop.


Alternatively, every product is stocked in many stores.

The Linkback system allows the customer to find a supplier quickly and efficiently.





Located on the right hand side of every page, they randomly rotate through all the premium ads which link directly through to the company page.

You may use this as a promotional tool for a special sales or announcement of a new product line.


Community Banners also appear on every page and are totally FREE for non-profit or charity events.

MCNetwork will further support motorcycling events and charities by creating and hosting a webpage like
MARI Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative completely free of charge.




All the parking and all the Dealer, Workshop and mappable stores have been added to our smartphone apps.

These are free downloads for riders



all apps


... and the Bottom Line is !


Between $100 and $300 a year depending on the features you choose.


The Pack Rate is negotiable depending on quantity, but usually at least 20% cheaper for each additiional shop or product.



All you have to do to make sure you are included on the Motorcycle Network:
SMS your name and email address to
Email your name and phone number to
0422 95 1815
0422 95 1815